JEFF WHITE '13-'19


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Founding Artist, Totemic17

Lower Hudson Valley, NY 2013-present

Preparator, Drawings and Prints

Museum of Modern Art, NY 2002-present

BFA, University of North Texas



Out-Eiffel, 2018. Woodcut on Seichosen.

JETT. (v)

In times of transition, I think to jettison the curves off my ff's; a cutting away, like woodcut & so much else that is reductive, both inevitable (decay) & strategic (elimination). As iff to release burdens & fly higher.

In an ongoing series of woodcuts, I distort dominos (with 1 to 17 pips) to fit their respective totemic17 sizes as iff to offer immutable facts; the number of dots on a domino retain their unequivocal value no matter how that domino is stretched or spun. They can also serve as talismans for connection & balance.

The process itself is aspirational. As iff reduction woodcut, where we carve away what we labored over in previous layers, trains us in the art of non-attachment (to jett.) like sweeping the sand of a mandala.

They are BOTH all that AND just prints in a drawer aspiring to be admired on a wall. To say it has such utility is a product of the active mind component of my art making, a paradox of the quiet mind it seeks to imbue. Both/And.

I like to imagine the imagery enters the body of work like thoughts in meditation so, from that perspective, minimal abstraction is a personal achievement.  Representation arises as interconnected sub-themes, observed ebbs & flows of experience. Bleached corals are metaphors for the fragility of symbiotic systems. Metal fabricating machines are, like printmakers and polyps, makers of multiples which originate from my dad’s retired business & memories of Buffalo.  The bridge, the workers, the tugboats all meaningful & observed from my home & my commute along the Hudson.


Article in NY times about JW, totemic17 & the Tappan Zee Bridge here.

White082019Ism   White062019both

Contributions to The Happiness Index 2019, sizes 8 & 6.

Awake, Smote & Husht


White082018smjpg        White122019Ismjpg     White122019IIsjpg

Reduction woodcuts Nolde's Ghost, 2019, size 8; Largo (green) & Largo (red), 2019, size 12's.



Cincinatti, 2017. Woodcut, trace monotype, chine colle on kozo. 


Vertical Mill, 2017. Size 4. Woodcut, monoprint, chine colle on kozo & BFK heavy.

Going back a few years...

Variants from the UV portfolio, 2013.  Sizes 15 & 7. Click images for details.




 White.01.Buffalo Vsm

9 White 1 of 4 jade.small

Buffalo and Silverbacks, sizes 1 & 9, both 2009 on natural & jade kozos.