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a uniquely engaging concept

For artists contributing to totemic17 (over 50 in our first 5 years), distinct size parameters are a place to begin.  We publish annual thematic group projects & selectively invite ARTISTS to contribute routinely & independently.

For collectors, our format could be a game changer.

The unique proportions of some of the prints are conducive to dynamic compositions for the artists & creative displays for the collector. The sizes are particularly appealing to those with small homes, enabling opportunites on finite wallspace.  

Further, with an optional set of 17 magnetic frames, your space can be routinely transformed quickly & effortlessly. You live creatively with a collection, composing, juxtaposing, seeing old favorites with new eyes.   Any portion of your collection that is not on view may be stored in 4 custom portfolios. 

For young collectors, it reconciles the love of active collecting with the contemporary urge to simplify.  No sending things to the framer or to storage.  No nailing, patching & painting. Taking a print out of one of your frames & replacing it with another from your portfolio takes about as much time & skill as pouring yourself a drink.

It is possible to get started with a single print or you might dive in with a custom collection of 17 prints & frames with complimentary expert installation in your space.  

Contact jeff(at) to experience our beautiful prints & concept in person.


17s on view

#17's on ledges (from Truthiness, DA), #16 (from Bridgebuilder) & a #2 accordion book at the Boston Print Fair.


Non-traditional woodcut processes

Reduction woodcut is a process in which the artist cuts away what is not to be printed, rolls on usually the lightest color first, then applies paper & pressure. Next, more is cut away from the same block, another color is applied & the image is built up in subsequent, often translucent layers, creating exciting color combinations. It can be a bit of a puzzle & it lends itself particularly well to experimentation with varied editions.

A jigsaw block, speaking of puzzles, is when the block is cut up with a jigsaw, each piece inked separately in different colors & then reassembled for printing.

A woodblock can be a matrix for making monoprints, where the artist might take a more painterly approach to inking the block to create one-of-a-kind prints.


Collaboration & Services

The degree to which an artist or collector wants to collaborate is flexible, whether that be in the print shop or home.  Working with “us” means working with Jeff White, a practicing woodcut artist who, previous to Totemic, has enjoyed a career in fine art services, working with some of the greatest private & public collections in the US, including 15+ years as preparator in Drawings & Prints at MoMA in NYC. It has sharpened his talents & appreciation for the art of presentation, collecting & collection management.  His artist profile can be found here.

Available for viewing appointments and/or delivery in Westchester and Midtown Manhattan.

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