Christopher Coltzau '18-'19

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Christopher Coltzau lives in Northern Germany & carves donated cutting boards from around the world (160 & counting!). He spoon prints them, often over donated advertisements, collaged onto donated paper grocery bags, then types & stamps documentary inscriptions in the margins & verso. They are folded into air-mail dimensions, sewn shut & vacuum-sealed until cut open by the lucky recipient.

In July 2018, Coltzau sent 5 of his "press releases" in our standard size 9 (26" x 15"). Click images for details, purchase info & availability.

He succeeds beautifully in his humanistic notion of slowing things down, connecting internationally via something "true, authentic...and alive".

 Coltzau.9.2018.III    Coltzau snip snip sm

 Coltzau.9.2018.III w text  Coltzau detail of text page

 Coltzau.9.2018.IIsm  Coltzau.9.2018.IIIsm

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Besides being a prolific artist, Coltzau is raising 5 children (+ poultry & vegatables) with his wife...AND he works a 20 hour-per-week factory job.

Visit Christopher Coltzau's website for more images, insights & to learn how you might send a cutting board to Wahlstedt so he doesn't run out of things to do.

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