JEFF WHITE '13-'21


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Founding Artist, Totemic17

Lower Hudson Valley, NY 2013-present

Preparator, Drawings and Prints

Museum of Modern Art, NY 2002-present

BFA, University of North Texas



Out-Eiffel, 2018. Woodcut on Seichosen.

JETT. (v)

Sometimes I think to jettison the curves off my ff's; a cutting away, like woodcut & so much else that is reductive, both inevitable (decay) & strategic (elimination).  Invariably they grow right back and I'm still Jeff.

In an ongoing series of woodcuts, I distort dominos (with 1 to 17 pips) to fit their respective totemic17 sizes as if to offer immutable facts; the number of dots on a domino retain their unequivocal value no matter how that domino is stretched or spun. They aspire to be totems for transparency, connection. balance, simultaneity, parity, and the BOTH/AND principle.

The process itself is aspirational. As if reduction woodcut, where we carve away what we labored over in previous layers, trains us in the art of non-attachment (to jett.).

My claims of meaning and I myself are fleeting, so their true value relies on the beholder. The time-intensive carving of lines and the proliferation of prints are evidence of my commitment to ideals worth sharing and, even dormant in a drawer or forgotten among decor, have stored potential energy to discover.

Formally, conceptually, and very personally, I maintain the distorted domino form as an armature upon which or tangent to, explorations may come and go as freely as thoughts: Bleached corals are metaphors for the fragility of symbiotic systems; metal fabricating machines are, like printmakers and polyps, makers of multiples which originate from my dad’s retired business & memories of Buffalo; the bridge, the workers, the tugboats all deeply appreciated & observed from my home & my commute along the Hudson.


Article in NY times about JW, totemic17 & the Tappan Zee Bridge here.

White082019Ism   White062019both

Contributions to The Happiness Index 2019, sizes 8 & 6.

Awake, Smote & Husht


White082018smjpg        White122019Ismjpg     White122019IIsjpg

Reduction woodcuts Nolde's Ghost, 2019, size 8; Largo (green) & Largo (red), 2019, size 12's.



Cincinatti, 2017. Woodcut, trace monotype, chine colle on kozo. 


Vertical Mill, 2017. Size 4. Woodcut, monoprint, chine colle on kozo & BFK heavy.

Going back a few years...

Variants from the UV portfolio, 2013.  Sizes 15 & 7. Click images for details.




 White.01.Buffalo Vsm

9 White 1 of 4 jade.small

Buffalo and Silverbacks, sizes 1 & 9, both 2009 on natural & jade kozos.

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