Jen Bradford '14




Several themes recur as a private narrative while I work, but aren't always explicit. They include ideas about isolation and connection, compulsiveness, the desire for a clean slate, and a sense of expectation or foreboding, among others. My impulse is to transform these preoccupations into a visual structure as a way of making sense of the world and finding beauty in it.  Feeling mostly bewilderment with moments of clarity can be a drag, but in paintings I like it.

b. 1966 Portland, Maine

M.A. Honors, Art History 1988

St. Andrews University - St. Andrews, Scotland.

B.F.A. Honors, Painting 1994

Maine College of Art - Portland, Maine.

Recipient of Florence Leif Endowed Scholarship



Some of Jen Bradfords #3's & #11's pictured at right: Unique variants from the UV Portfolio





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