Lorrie Fredette '14



My installations and sculptures are inspired by environmental and medical news stories pulled from today's headlines as well as historical events. Source material so far has included the swine, avian and Spanish flu epidemics and the increased incidence of poison ivy with the growth of greenhouse gases. Once I've chosen an area of focus, I embark on a rigorous course of research and gather images, which I then alter, vet and reject through an elaborate system designed to completely subvert and distort any likeness to the original source. I am interested in this confluence of science and art, in methodology that thwarts my natural hand and in the contrast between "ugly" origins and sublime outcomes. The use of wax in its natural color as my primary medium is intentional -- the neutral palette emphasizes shape, the aroma can be intoxicating and the texture is one that invites touch -- all in support of my goal to lure viewers into an experience that they would certainly try to avoid had they encountered the original infection.




Images to right are Fredette's reduction woodcuts from the UV Portfolio; unique variations from singlular #3 and #8 blocks.

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