Matt Kinney '14


For his contribution to the UV Portfolio, exhibited at Matteawan Gallery in Beacon, NY, Kinney planed remnants from a tree so that they could be inked and fed through the press at Garrison Art Center. His eleganty composed monoprints are the largest in the portfolio and although bold and derived from heavy raw lumber, they have a weightless appeal; his generous use of negative space & the translusency of the ink, exposing the natual beauty of the handmade mulberry paper.

I carve hyper-realist sculptures of the common construction tools that I use on a regular basis. These sculptures are each made from a single piece of wood, using traditional tools such as chisels, rasps and mallet. There is a meta-structure element in using the actual tools that I am reproducing through the sculptural process. As I carve these pieces, certain questions about the history of tools, industry, and primitive human creation arise: How do these basic tools relate to labor in our technological world? Will the hammer ever disappear from use? Binding concept with material is my vision. I draw from real life situations and visceral connections to materials provide the content. My work from the construction industry has helped me to further my art. Having worked with tools that have come from the earth, that relate to the body (the arc of the swing) have helped me to better understand my connection to nature. Trees are truly noble. They provide much material that we build with. In my process there is a unique connection between artist, wood and the tools used to work with it, all existing as one.- Matt Kinney


Born in Georgetown, Massachusettes 1970.


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY 1991


The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 1998


Lives and works in Beacon, New York.




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