Ryan Magyar '14


My work takes its cues from visual perception, perhaps calling to mind naturalistic form, depth, light, and so on- though they're not representational per se. I'm interested in the way the mind tries to find a meaningful signal, even where only noise exists. I like to approach paint not just as color to apply here or there, but as viscous fluid with distinct physical properties that tends to behave in specific ways. Like any material it has its own nature, and my relationship with it is sometimes to subvert or bend it in a certain direction, and other times to make space for it to do its own thing. One series of paintings involved a technique that encouraged the paint to form vague "patterns" of loosely repeated elements -similar to things you might see in nature, like exposed rocks dotting an icy mountainside. During the process of making them, I often painted over results I really liked because they weren't what I had in mind, but I took photos first- my woodcut is based on one of those snapshots.


Born Colorado 1976


Represented by William Havu Gallery in Denver, CO

Living and working in Brooklyn, NY since 2002

1998 BFA magna cum laude The University of Colorado, Boulder


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