Susan English '14

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I frequently take walks in the woods and my habit is to walk in loops. Although I take the same walk over and over again, it is always different as the weather, light, temperature and my mood vary. On occasion, for no particular reason or maybe simply out of boredom, I will go the opposite direction on the loop. I am always amazed at how the same walk is absolutely different - something that had become habitual becomes new and even thrilling. A simple shift in orientation radicalizes what I see and experience. My artistic practice is similar: I tend to work in series, inside of a structure (the walk/loop) exploring content, process and materials from this perspective – and then either a fortuitous accident or a restlessness with the process will cause me to shift my perspective. In a sense I am always on the alert for ways to continue to see and invent and yet also keep a solid footing. One thing generates from the next. The shift can be as simple as taking a painting with a horizontal division and turning it vertically, or cutting and reconfiguring a work. The series I am currently working on “Vertical Landscapes” evolved in just this way from the “Aequora: Poured” series.

Details of 2 of Susan's contributions to the UV portfolio.  Click for full view.



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