Thomas Huber '14


Thomas Huber grew up in Buffalo. He moved to New York to attend The School of Visual Arts, where he stayed after graduating in 1986. He began working with performance artists Yoshiko Chuma, Gayle Tufts, the House-O-Pork and several bands through the nineties performing at such various venues as PS 122, La Mama, Hallwalls, Jacob’s Pillow and King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut.

Throughout this period he continued to make paintings which increasingly became his focus. In the late nineties he began showing his work in New York, represented by Pacifico Fine Arts from 1999-2002. In 2000 he moved to the Hudson Valley, and eventually began showing in Beacon and around the Hudson Valley particularly at the Van Brunt gallery. His work has been shown throughout the US as well as in Montreal, Canada and Naples, Italy.

Thomas has recently begun collaborating with Matt Frieburghaus and Laura Kaufman in a performance group called decomposer. Decomposer explores the interaction of sight and sound in space. It is collaborative and involves others who are given a set of rules solve a problem in their own way within the group. Decomposers first performance “Many Centers One Song” involved 34 players who following a set of rules improvised with varied instruments in a cow pasture. Players had to listen to others, play along and watched where they stepped.


#10 and #13 prints to right are Huber's unique variants from the UV Portfolio.


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