The landmark 17tugs mural on Broadway in Tarrytown, NY was a community effort by a diverse group of 15 area artists who share an affinity for the Hudson River. Adapting their own original hand-carved images to the wall 4x larger, the ambitious process was a salute to tugboats as icons of steady endeavor.

100 years prior, vintage wallpaper was appropriated into 2 artists' books titled "Tango with Cows" & "Naked Among the Clad" that reside in MoMA's collection. Totemic17 founding artist Jeff White re-appropriated the motifs from book to wall.  White layed out the composition & invited artists to choose their blocks, asking only that they carve a tugboat facing left.  

In the winter of 2013, totemic17 moved the project indoors to Ilse Schriber-Noll's printmaking studio, working with each artist to facilitate inking the blocks & printing by press & hand.

Special thanks to SHHS art teacher Kristen Dreher, not only for contributing her #9 print but for coordinating the 5 participating Sleepy Hollow High School artists and for countless hours painting.


On handmade Japanese and Thai kozo papers, available individually or as a complete collection, archivally housed in t17's signature clamshell box. Only 20 printed.

This portfolio has been on view twice in Irvington, at the 21st Annual Tugboat Race in on Pier 84 Manhattan, at the Tugboat Round-up in Waterford, at 3rd Friday & the Tarrytown Street Fair & at Arts Westchester in White Plains. Individual prints have been featured at various other group shows.

17tugs mural.sm

Section of 9' x 50' mural on the facade of C-town on Broadway (Rt. 9), Tarrytown NY.

openstudios installation.sm

Installation view at the RiverArts open studios in Irvington, Spring 2013.


Ceconi inking  Alejo and Ilse happy

L.  Ceconi inking his block  R.  Noll & Alejo doing it the hard way.  Labor of love.  Probably the first one.  We made 20!

elbow grease

 Burning the midnight oil. L to R, Noll, White, Costello.

Mark in projection

Ceconi painting by projector light.

Costello in projection

Costello & Alejo paint their tugs.  Hot summer nights.

yellow wall

17tugs group

L to R, Dreher, Rodriguez, Denise, Alejo, Lantz, Schreiber-Noll & White.  Not done but getting there.

wall collophon

Collophon wall.  9 of the 17 stacked blocks visible, demonstrating actual size of blocks carved.

10644562835 a7630da6f2 z

21st Annual Tugboat Race, Pier 84, Manhattan NY


10644512643 dc63d93933 z

Tugboat Roundup, Waterford, NY

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