Inspired by the buiders of the new Tappan Zee Bridge.

Bridgebuilder was seen at Garrison Art Center's Steamroller Print Festival, at Sleepy Hollow's Annual Street Fair, at the Braddock Park Arts Festival, The Watercooler in Tarrytown, under the big top at Sleepy Hollow's Circus Latino, Tarrytown's Warner Library & finally at the hostoric Bronxville Women's Club. The Bridgelights project and workshop series were conceived to coincide with the exhibition of this work at Circus Latino on the Sleepy Hollow waterfront.

Complex as the building of an actual bridge

is the surveying, hoisting, welding, balancing & maintenance of our common ideals,

all that we embrace to build infrastructure in our personal lives: 

Tolerance, gratitude, courage, compassion etc.

12 contributing artists may have responded to our Bridgebuilder title &/or one of 17 sub-theme sets dubbed 

non-materials for building infrastructure & flow



Ronnie Rysz (New Haven CT) #5 "Point of Contact"


Natalia Woodward (Ossining, NY) #17 "Untitled"  

Deborah Weiss (CT)  #14 & #16 "Water Under the Bridge" 

Ilse Schreiber-Noll (Berlin and Croton-on-Hudson) #8 "Patience, Steady, Calm" 

#15 "Menschen"

Robert Patierno (Manchester, PA) #6 "Sturgeon Under the Tappan Zee"  

#14 "Working hands" ,  #13 "Feist"

Diogenes Ballester (NYC & Puerto Rico)  *8, #12 "Syncretism, Transmigration, Transnational, Multi-polarity"

Rie Hasegawa (NYC) #10 "A Bridge Between mind & Body" 

Duvian Montoya (CT)  #9 "For the Builders"

Sabra Booth (Houston, TX) #7 "The Flaring Night"

Kristen Dreher (Nyack, NY) #5 "Bridges to Prosperity, Build to Educate"

Jeff White (Sleepy Hollow, NY) #2 "Totemic17", #2 "Bridgebuilders", #11 "Nurture" , #3 "Toll-free Bridge" 

Kent Ambler (Greenville, SC)  #1 "Go, Go, Go"


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Prints are offered individually or as a complete set, framed or housed in an archival, custom clamshell box.

Jeff White, Bridegbuilders, accordion book, size #2.

Infrastructure projects should always budget for Trial & Suffering. Rie Hasegawa, A Bridge Between Mind & Body, size #10.


Diogenes Ballester, Syncretism, Transmigration, Transnational, Multi-polarity, size #8


Non-Materials for Building Infrastructure & Flow

Abundance; largesse, means, generosity

Acuity; exercise, knowledge, curiosity

Adaptation; creativity, evolution, flux

Awe; symbiosis, synchronicity, UNIverse

Belonging; intimacy, support, home

Compassion;  empathy, love, sacrifice

Connection;  engagement, listening, awake

Courage; confidence, risk, respect

Exploration; fun, adventure, play

Gratitude; celebration, reward, praise

Peace; patience, steady, calm

Self-Awareness; accountability, habits, beliefs

Stamina; tenacity, endurance, pull

Strength; healing, nutrition, flex.

Suffering; impermanence, chaos, trial

Tolerance; forgiveness, boundaries, error

Vision; passion, purpose, hope


2 3/4" square "builderblocks" were seen in action at Garrison Art Center's 10/5 Rollin' on the River festival when totemic17 & master printer Pepe Coronado inked and puzzled together over 100 builderblock submissions,  almost as many blanks & 5 large boards inked orange, to make 7' prints inspired by crane flags.  .



 First of many builderblock portraits, 2 3/4" sq.


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