This Is Where I Lost It

For this multi-disciplinary collaboration, three different art forms came together on our title theme. 

Prose of Pie brought a sold-out night of live & true storytelling (& pie!) on 9/8/2017 to the Hudson Valley Writer's Center.

The Hudson Valley Writer's Center selected 24 200-word-or-less written submissions, all of which were displayed & many read at a reception 9/9/2017.

Both evenings presented the displayed texts & a portfolio of color reduction woodcuts by Finnish artist,

Tuukka Peltonen

See Tuukka's prints here

Tuukka's prints were also presented in the Totemic17 booth at the  EAB logo gray  NYC, October 26-29, 2017


 The Form of Existence, 25 1/2 x 24", 69 x 66 cm.

hvwc lostit1

hvwc LostIt2

hvwc fett

hwvc reading

pie night1

We had a particularly large crowd on the Prose of Pie night, so we enjoyed the pie & art out on the balcony.

 hvwc outside screens


Selections from Peltonen's This Is Where I Lost It pictured on the right at the 2017

EAB logo gray

Beth Sutherland's Not That Far From Here, a separate project, on the left.

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