Truthiness, DA.   Discordant Abstractions, Dubious Americans

Swainston Caramana1sm

Veronica pinupSM

Swainston Caramana1sm

  • In this collision of sages & liars we began by drawing from a really incredible hat to determine which size blocks each would carve & whose formal ideologies they’d clash with.
  • After carving, pairs reconvene to print their like-sized blocks on top of one another, challenged to reconcile their differences in 3 joint sessions.
  • They were invited to collaborate or stay in their bubbles but their impressions are their own.
  • Monoprints were the decree, varied by altering the manner in which blocks are inked, changing colors, transparency, flip flopping & other trickery. 


Answering the hasty, mid-February open call, artists submitted work samples & were selected by juror: Karen Grimson, curatorial assistant in Drawings & Prints at MoMA. 

They printed throughout March at Manhattan Graphics Center. 

Press Secretary Jeff White facilitated, coordinating schedules, ordering/preparing all materials, cleaning blocks, cooking books & causing distractions.

The truthiness was revealed April 6-9 at the Boston Print Fair.


The artists individually drew block numbers from a hat, thus randomly paired as follows:

17, 17

17s  17s

Veronica Ceci

Keith Graham

11, 12, 13

11s  11s


Francine Affourtit

Barbara Bell


9s  10s

Peach Tao

Jeff White

Peach's partner, Nic Annette Miller was sick so Peach utilized an existing block from her, then JW contributed blocks.

7, 8

8s  7s

Stay tuned, artists in recess

4, 5, 6

4s  4s  6s

Kyung Eun You

Ahni Kruger

1, 3

1s  3s

Trisha Gupta

Kristie Valentine


Below are just a few unique variants by each artist.  Click on the image for info. 

Contact us to request images of all available variants by artists you are interested in. 

Receive 20% off on purchases of multiple prints.


Ceci.17.2017.Ism    Ceci.17.2017.IIIsm

Veronica Ceci, size #17, with KG


Graham.17.2017.IIsm     Graham.17.2017.IIIsm

 Keith Graham, size #17, with VC




 Francine Affourtit, size #13 with BB

Affourtit.11.2017.IIIsm      Affourtit.11.2017.IIsm

Francine Affourtit, size #11 with FA




Barbara Bell, size #13 with FA

Bell.12.2017.Ism       Bell.12.2017.IIsm

Barbara Bell, size #12 with FA



 Peach Tao, size #9 with JW



Jeff White, size #10 with PT




Peach Tao, size #10 with NAM





Kyung Eun You, size #6, with AK




 Ahni Kruger, size #6 with KY


You.4.2017.Ism      You.4.2017.IIsm      You.4.2017.IIIsm

Kyung Eun You, size #4 with AK


Kruger.4.2017CRsm                  Kruger.5.2017CRsm

 Ahni Kruger, sizes 4 & 5 with KY

Trisha Gupta, size 3 with KV



Trisha Gupta, size 1 with KV





Kristie Valentine, size #1 with TG



Keith Graham under surveillance at MGC.

Eyes of KyungSM

Beware the Eyes of Kyung

Peach legs

...and the legs of Peach

Kristie tells Trisha a whopper

Kristie & Trisha, who's kidding who?

Veronica plants a stencil

Veronica plants a stencil.

TV house with legs

Francine implements Barbara's jigsaw work.  JW: Looks like a TV house with legs.  FA: That's what it is (clearly).

JW gathering evidence

JW gathers evidence.

Barbara Bell

The print frog gives Barbara a wicked idea.

Ahni shows Kyung where the answers lie

Ahni warns Kyung never to carve the upper region of a woodblock.

Keith remains dubious

Keith remains dubious.

Truthiness crew in MoMA sc

L to R, Peach, Kyung, Karen (our juror), Francine, Keith, Barbara, Trisha and Erika (studio manager at MGC) meeting in the MoMA study center.

Not pictured: Kristie, Jeff, Ahni & Veronica.


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