A Woodcut Exhibition of Layered Colors

from Lines Carved by Paired Strangers

During 17 Hikes in the 

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

The Gallery at Rockefeller State Park Preserve, September 13 - October 25th, 2020






size 7,   Neighbors on Hudson   



click color prints for details and credits (page under construction)

Jeff White invited people he knew, but who usually did not know one another, to HIKE. LUNCH and CARVE.




White172020grey sm                  17 hike

size 17  Cherry Door

Over the course of a year, each group of between 2 and 4 traversed a different area of the Preserve's 55 miles of carriage paths.

After selecting a place to stop and eat, they took up to 1 hour to carve a line that entered one side of the block and exited another. 





Only 17 of the 42 participants identify as visual artists.

Enjoying the physicality and spontanaeity of carving and tuning in to serendipity and happenstance of our paths

was more the objective than virtuosic mark making, which nonetheless yeilded beautiful results. 


White32020sm                 3transparency2020sm

size 3    Pink Meridian




For the exhibition, the excursions were represented by both the color woodcuts and a photo-based image with documentary details. 

White122020 sm                     White122020 sm                

size 12    Able Baker Blue     


The verso of each woodcut also included details about the day. 





Some stretched the definition of "a line" and one ditched the tools opting to scrape his plywood on a rock!   

White52020sm             5transparency2020sm

size 5    Pocantico







size 6    Jagged Little Hill




White112020sm            11transparency2020sm

size 11    Raven's Rock


John Andrews, besides carving on Raven's Rock (above), lent his expertise screen printing Jeff's images from 9 of the respective hikes over his white, woodcut printed, stretched domino forms.

John screenprinting

When the pandemic shut down the print shops, Matt Barteluce at Guttenberg Arts printed inkjet transparencies for the remaining 8, which Jeff laid over the dominos.  The dominos are a subtle formal element in this project and a conceptual one in much of Jeff's work which relates to themes of pairity,  reciprocity, balance and simultaneity.





 size 16    Arctic Lime


On several occassions, participants came to Jeff's home studio to take part in pulling the first proofs.

White42019sm                White04tempSPsm               Natalia proofing

  size 4   Amber Canter

Natalia Woodward of Batflower Press (pictured above) lent her skills to print the letterpress on the 17 page accordion book, Stick Program (below)


StickProgramSnip4 copy 2


Click this image to see a video about the making of this book



White92020sm             9transparency2020sm

 size 9   Casualties on Eagle Hill







 size 10   Rockwood Wax Bean









  size 13   Aqueduct (Peggy's Way)







size 15   Swan Lake Erratic







 size 1   Lemon Boy



White82019sm                White82019SPsm    

size 8   Accoustic Buttermilk



White142020sm             14transparency2020sm                        

 size 14   Off Leash


14 of the 17 hikes were complete but lots of printing remained when the pandemic ushered in a new reality for all of us. In May, curator Audrey Leeds suggested a mini-series depicting the Japanese tree peonies that were in bloom outside the gallery. Below is a video about the process and the three prints that resulted.





size 7  The Long Path (Yatsuka Cho) 

Peony 1sm           White92020IIsm

size 1,   All But Blue  & size 9,  Not the End


Carvers, in the order they hiked:

Kaia White, student (9), b. NYC

Adelie White, student (11), b. Sleepy Hollow NY

Natalia Woodward, printmaker, b. Pereia, Colombia

Stetson Hundgen, entrepreneur, b. Westchester, NY

Reinhard Bek, sculpture conservator, b. Goppingen, Germany

Rebekka Bek, student (8), b. NYC

Jared Beasley, author, b. Decatur, AL

Tim Thayer, painter, b. San Francisco, CA

Norm Dodge, musician, b. North Tarrytown, NY

Nancy Scorcia, musician, b. Brooklyn, NY

Rachel Abrams, artist, b. St. Louis, MO

Lorrie Fredette, artist, b. MA

Jodi Hauptman, MoMA curator, b. NYC

Gergory Clarick, lawyer, b. Perth Amboy, NJ

Lynn Moffat, homemaker, b. Queens, NY

Ken Wray, Mayor of Sleepy Hollow, b. Newport, CA

Heather Lau, neurologist, b. Bethpage, NY

Joyce Markovics, author, b. Greenwich, CT

Jaron Benjamin, community organizer, b. Tulsa, OK

Jeff Dietz, photographer, b. Hudson, MA

John Andrews, printmaker, b Salt Lake City, UT

Christopher Manning, artist educator, Mt. Kisco, NY

Slavko Djuric, artist educator, Kragujevac, Yugoslavia

Erin Carney, artist educator, b. Kalamazoo, MI

Kristie Valentine, artist educator, b. Montclair, NJ

Peter Iskenderian, state park manager, b. Bronx, NY

Ryan Nuckel, non-profit admin, b. NYC

Emily Cushman, MoMA researcher, b. St. Louis, MO

Caitlin Lightfoot, jewelry maker, b. Santa Monica, CA

Humphrey Newland, neighbor, CDL, b. St. Ann, Jamaica

Bill Teague, neighbor, CDL, pilot, veteran, b. Tarrytown, NY

Edward Bear Miller, artist educator, b. Washington DC

Johanny Pena, social worker, b. Dominican Republic

Jane Kang Lawrence, artist educator, b. Passaic, NJ

Nicole Marandola, ICU nurse, b. Syosset, NY

Robbins Gottlock, Phelps doctor, b. Albuquerque, NM

Alyssa Jacobs, Dir. Constituent Svcs., State Assembly, b. Hackensack, NJ






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