The UV Portfolio

#17's by Chris Albert, unique variant on handmade Thai kozo.

Totemic17 & Matteawan Gallery present, The UV Portfolio, a collection of one-of-a-kind, experimental, color woodcuts by 13 artists, including:

Ryan Magyar, #4's


The UV Portfolio  was first exhibited at Matteawan Gallery in Beacon NY, Nov. 9-Dec. 22 after a month of printmaking sessions at the Garrison Art Center, Fall 2013.  The artists produced many in each of our 17 sizes & a selection can be accessed via the All Prints menu.  Inquire to see more variants by any of these artists.

The "UV" in this portfolio's title stands for Unique Variants. Each print is pulled from a single block but no two are alike due to constant shifts in color, incremental cutting or “reducing” the block & a shifting balance of intention & chance in the printmaking process.  Some employed painterly monoprint techniques yeilding results that would be difficult or impossible to duplicate.  Artists were selected based on a tendency toward abstraction &/or nature in their work. Most of these accomplished artists are not printmakers & have little experience with woodcuts. As a result, they brought fresh perspectives & elements of their established artistic practice which transferred naturally to the medium. 

Available for private viewings in Midtown Manhattan and the lower Hudson Valley,

 #6 variant by Karlos Carcamo.  


 #6 variant by Karlos Carcamo

UVgroup filmgrain

English, Huber and Kerby in action, GAC print studio.        Bradford.11.2013.1of12sm

#11's by Jen Bradford


Albert action filmgrain 

Chris Albert preparing for a second run on his #17.



detail of #2 by Kathy Moss.  


detail of #2 (printed from verso) by Kathy Moss.  


An article by Alison Rooney:


An article called "Creative Fracking" about the UV Portfolio can be found in the April 2014 issue of The Hand Magazine.


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