honoring bridge builders 
woodcut printed lanterns
made from your carvings printed on handmade paper
at Warner Library, Sleepy Hollow NY
Para Espanol, clic aqui
Saturdays 1-4, 5/23, 6/13, 6/20, 7/18, 8/1, 8/22
Anyone, ages 12-120, was invited to carve portraits to honor "bridge builders" or other images relating to our family or community identities.  
Led by local artists Jeff White & Natalia Woodward.  Created by the community & neighbors of Sleepy Hollow, NY.
See full list of 54 contributors at bottom of page. 
Made possible with the support of the Village of Sleepy Hollow,
edge on hudson  NY council on the arts  I love NY

E X H I B I T I O N   O F    1 0 0   L A N T E R N S
B R I D G E L I G H T  lanterns are printed from 4 blocks, each 2 ¾” square.  Black ink is rolled onto the carvings & printed over translucent colors on handmade paper from Bhutan. They will be illuminated & exhibited in various public spaces including
Circus Latino, September 18-20 5 shows of Circus arts, Brazillian jazz, Ecuadorean folk & woodcut. http://visitsleepyhollow.com/
 Circus Latino 2015 PC-H-v5    Olivera block sm
Why “Bridge Lights”?
We consider the Bridge a metaphor for making connections as we work together within our community, honoring people & origins that are important to us. 
The Bridge also refers to the new Tappan Zee bridge construction which is adjacent to our riverside event where we will also feature the Bridgebuilder Portfolio
lantern4sm  lantern6sm
Bridgelights and Bridgebuilder exhibition at Warner Library, Tarrytown
Richard Gettler  
Circus Latino, photo credit Richard Gettler
Circus Latino, photo credit Mark Liflander
Circus Latino, photo credit Mark Liflander


mom taped to block sm  
T H E   P R O C E S S 
Last workshop was 8/22/2015
You provide a photo. We’ll adjust the size & crop (2 ¾” sq.), then flip the image since it will print in reverse.  We’ll print it out with an inkjet printer & then you'll use carbon paper to trace it onto the wood block.  Then you’re ready to carve!  Some may choose their own method to get a drawing onto the block & that’s fine.
Carve just one block & your image will be printed along with 3 others to make a lantern.  
You may carve 4 so that you can make your own lantern.  Collaborate with friends or family? 
Everyone who carves at least 2 blocks will keep a lantern (after Circus Latino). 
Expect that it might take a whole 3-hour workshop to carve 1 portrait.  So far, everyone has had time to print.
Our table at Healthy Kids Day.  This little piece of hardware was our plan A press for the workshops, courtesy of Pepe Coronado.
Nat in underground print lab after Vermeer  color blanks1
Natalia in the underground print lab (Girl w Pearl Earring?) Many late nights ahead.  
Session 1 bridgelights  Barbara Ilse Jeff  Nat
1st of 6 workshops, w 10 participants/ Barbara, Ilse, Jeff with Natalia at the press (the latter photo courtesy of Susan Cember).
Sam Amanda and Sophia  Nat and Barbara
Sam, Amanda & Sophia/ Natalia & Barbara
Shellie Klurfeld  Sophie Pao
Shelly & Sophia (credit Susan Cember)
 Beekman1  Beekman2
 Artist recruitment team, Beekman Ave, Sleepy Hollow
lantern ledges Nat painting sm     
Initial sketch for our displays (L).  Serious business painting in the backyard (R).
Local carvers

*Honorable mention for their commitment to the project

Christina C Blatt

Esther Bustard

Antonio Calixto

Derrick Calixto*

Helen Carlson

Susan Cember

Marco Cimmatti

Deborah Crook

Moira & Nathan Gargano*

Alex Gonzalez*

Kersten Harries

Rob Holiday

Skylar Holiday

Daniel Jewett

Jackie Jolly

Michael Keeler

Shellie Klurfeld

Krista Madsen

Emily Marin

Barbara McPartlan**

Connie & Charlotte McKeige*

Deanna Melillo*

Blanca Medina

Jennie & Sophia Pao

Amanda Petry

Zach & Lori Robinson

Karen Ringen**

Ilse Schreiber-Noll*

Lynne Lorie Sylvan*

Alexis Thornton

Sam Witt

Carving friends of Sleepy Hollow

Michael Angelis

Isabella Bannerman

Diane Brawarsky

Mark Ceconi

Sara Conde

Pepe Coronado 

Dirk Hagner

Kat Jagai

Leslie Kerby

Carlos Martinez-Dominguez

Michael Piatrowsky

Rene de los Santos

Rose Ellen Sarfaty

Some lanterns also feature photo transfers

Photographers of Sleepy Hollow

Margaret Fox

Dorothy Handleman

Annette Cohen  

Kristi Laurel Graham Mas


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